Open Gardens Town 2017
Town Gardens 2017
Owners: Ian & Wendy Stewart
53 Racecourse Road, Yea.  3717.
This large country garden was planted during the 12-year drought and was a struggle to keep plants alive and watered. The results of all the care and planning can now be enjoyed, but not much relaxing, as  being such a large garden it still takes a lot of time to maintain.
A circular driveway sweeps around to the front of the house and the circular bed in the middle has been divided into four segments; ‘my hot cross bun’ Wendy jokingly calls it. The large pergola centre piece is of this garden is almost buried under a magnificent display of climbing roses and forms a spectacular entry in the summer months.
 A timber feature fence leads to a Birch Grove which is under-planted with hundreds of spring bulbs and forms the left boundary of the garden while a long border of Buddleas and other shrubs, a lavender collection and bulbs encloses the garden on the other side.
All the many large garden beds are amassed with blue star flowers, white violets, daffodils, Irises and hundreds of roses, giving colour at all times of the year. Right from the start Wendy developed her garden to be a “Picking Garden” and for many years she had a weekly stall at neighbouring  markets selling her lovely bunches of fresh flowers and she can still be relied on to produce  a beautiful bunch of flowers for a special event in the community.
A pond filled with water Iris is a feature near the house and the antique pump, still working, is a relic from their former house and garden next door.  The large back garden has flower beds full of penstemons, species gladioli and other picking plants as well as more iris and roses. Vegetable and Berry fruit beds, an extensive orchard and favourite tree plantings provide shelter, colour and food further away from the house.  A long avenue from the back door to the back gate opening into the horse paddock was a deliberate feature of the original plan to highlight the magnificent Oak out in the paddock. Plantings of native trees and shrubs along the boundaries provide shelter from the prevailing winds and a screen between the garden and the school next door.
Yea Valley Railway Garden 
Owners:  Lance & Maree Adams
12 Range Road, Yea. 3717.
Lance is a retired Engine Driver and he has a passion for trains and rail history and Ree has a passion for gardening so they have combined their two hobbies into a lovely garden railway which will intrigue all, bring lots of nostalgia to rail buffs and enthral the children.
The owner’s dream of one day establishing a G Scale garden railway began with the initial steps taken in February 2006 and basic construction was finalised by September. This necessitated a total reconstruction of the garden area and construction of stone retaining walls to encompass the railway. The railway was designed by Lance and comprises 2 individual loops and an extension through the fernery, totalling 750 feet of main and subsidiary line with over 900 rail bonds and 1 kilometre of power cable. There are currently 13 locomotives and train sets available to run on the tracks as well as two diesel rail cars: and includes models of Thomas the Tank Engine and Percy, the Little Engine.
The garden was designed with the assistance of local landscape designer Jackie Stacpool and creates a beautiful setting for the trains and villages. Ree keeps the garden incredibly neat and the extensive use of Conifers, Nandinas, Azaleas, Roses, bulbs and perennial colour, highlighted by terracotta chip bark and accented by quirky garden ornaments and rail memorabilia will give gardeners a unique experience. 
The Elliott Garden
Owners:  Doug & Margaret Elliott,
8 The Parade, Yea.  3717.
An unassuming street frontage hides an amazing sheltered oasis of treasures. Amongst a garden full of Clivias, ferns and bulbs, an inspiring collection of pots and hanging baskets of all shapes and sizes showcase many rare and unusual plants; all large, lush and thriving. 
Even the small front garden is invisible from the street, although you do see a spectacular show of  colour from various Maples and other small trees which feature here in the Autumn. The rest of the front garden is a delightful surprise as you enter the property. The front is all paved with a garden seat made by Doug as a statement accent; and this is your first glimpse of the amazing collection of potted plants and hanging baskets which are the main feature of both front and back gardens. Not only are there many rare and unusual plants to see but many of the pots are a stunning feature in themselves.
Your first impression of the back garden is the mighty Oak which shelters and shades most of the house and garden and underneath its protection you walk into a leafy green oasis. There are two designated Fernerys but lush ferns and a magnificent Clivia collection form the basis of the background planting to all the potted plants. They range from ancient Bonsai to a tortuous Filbert and a rare Nandina as well as many other unusual trees, shrubs and bedding plants. Margaret’s prized Begonia collection has been badly damaged by the severe frosts of this past winter but hopefully will recover and although they may not be as spectacular as in other years, hopefully will give visitors at least a glimpse of what has been gathered over the years.   Maples and Crepe Myrtles give the garden structure and many tasteful, as well as quirky, ornaments make a statement in surprising places.
Doug’s carpentry and engineering skills can be seen in many parts of the garden including the rusted metal screens dividing the second fernery from the rest of the garden. The garden was started in a small way in 1990 and Doug and Margaret enjoy travelling to find and procure “something unusual”.
Owners : Luke & Jenny Storey,
24 Lyons Street, Yea.  3717.
This garden was designed and planted by previous owners Lionel and Meg, but after Lionel passed away, it became too much for Meg to maintain. New owners Luke and Jenny, with the assistance of local horticulturist Bob Glennister, have all just concentrated on bringing the garden back to its former glory. No doubt they have plans for some renovations to suit their own tastes in the future.
This garden always displays a stunning show of roses along the front fence in Spring and Summer giving the whole community pleasure as they drive past. It is a garden to stroll around in as there are treasures and little nooks at every turn. And as usual with town gardens it is the hidden delights ‘around the back’ that give them the “wow” factor.
The front garden Is full of irises and perennials, plus an amazing collection of roses. Many of the older trees, such as the Irish Strawberry, and the larger shrubs date from the early days of the home which was built in 1892 and is one of our heritage listed homes. Banks of Viburnums, day lillies and alstromeria will give lots of colour.
The back garden is a secluded and serene oasis, lots of lovely summer shade and the perfect spot to relax with a morning coffee or evening glass of wine! An old pomegranate is underplanted with mollis azaleas, and the climbing wisteria is underplanted with Pierre de Ronsard roses.
Luke and Jenny invite you to wander and enjoy the heavenly perfume from their beautiful rose collection.

The Yea Garden Club Annual Plant Sale

5 Welch Street, Yea


The Yea Garden Club annual plant sale, which is held in conjunction with the Open Gardens Weekend, can be found at “Abutilon”, the lovely garden of Kevin and Myrna Patterson at 5 Welch Street, Yea. Hundreds of potted treasures are available at bargain prices.


The Taungurung Indigenous Garden, Badji Baanang, at the Y Water Discovery Centre will also be open this weekend for a gold coin donation. 2 Hood Street, Yea