History 1986 - 1989
1986 - 1989
Rotary Brings Hope
Charter Night July 5th 1986

Charter President: Daryl Callander
Secretary: Ric Long
Community Service: David Evans
Youth Service:  Graeme Broadbent
 Treasurer: Tim Dale
Our first project was to host a bus load of disadvantaged children from Heidelberg. We had a barbecue, soft drink and ice cream down on the river at John Tainton's. Ian Bell spent all day baiting hooks for the kids. One fish was landed for the day. A great day!
Our next effort was spreading wood chips around the gardens at the Yea Nursing home, followed by a working bee cutting and delivery of wood to Legacy Widows.
We were fortunate to secure The Art Show from the Chamber of Commerce at short notice.
We all got involved in a Livestock Industry Appeal to raise funds for the Community Centre at the High School. An evening was spent folding sealing and sending out letters. This was a brain child of Don Lawson which was a great success.
Bernie Quinlan Director International Service arranged for Gina Callander to go to India, exchange student Bobbie to arrive from India shortly.
Vocational Service: Graeme Clements arranged mock job interviews at the High School
A joint service clubs bowls night raised $ 1000 for the community centre.
Youth Service: Graeme Broadbent was also involved in the mock interviews and arranged Youth Achievement awards for four students. We also sponsored two youths to a Rotary Youth Leadership Seminar.
Graeme also took out a contract to wash the police car and gave the money to Rotary
John Sinclair and Doug Zerbe both members of the Rotary Club of Alexandra were inducted into our club on our change over night.
This was a good year for consolidating the Club.
Les Hall - Year of Office 1987 Ending 30th June 1988
 Rotary Theme: Rotarians - United in Service Dedicated to Peace

Secretary Ric Long
Treasurer Tim Dale
Art Show & Community Service: David Evans
Once again we hosted the disadvantaged children from Heidelberg on the river at John Tainton’s. No fish caught as the river was higher and nobody brought any worms but Les Hall had his Shetland pony who was kept very busy.
A new experience as the Art Show went indoors this year. Financially it was down a little mainly because of extra expense but no rain worries.
A new fund raiser was the Landowners and friends Luncheon held at Murrindindi Station - an all hands on the pump job and the ladies too. It was a lot of work for all but financially very successful.
President Les Hall reported:
Our Livestock appeal was a winner. This year we hosted Indian student Bobby Sen. Significant contributions were made to aged and infirm and youth. Reg Scott who was instrumental in our formation as a club, passed away.
Youth Graeme Broadbent:
Job interviews at the High School. Washing Police car contract won again. Youth achievement and Rotary Youth Leadership funded. DECA funded again. Stephen Stewart was our exchange student who is in Japan.
Gary Fitzgerald - Year Of Office ending June 1989
Rotary Theme: Put Life In Rotary – Your Life
Secretary: Neil Beer
Treasurer: Royce Kronborg
Art Show & Community Service: Tony McCarthy
This year we erected a safety fence around the extended care nursing home and laid out garden beds and wood chips in the garden area.
The Show Committee approached us for help, so the Club organised a display of local industry, erected a large marquee and organised about 15 exhibitors that created interest and helped ease the load on committee members. The Art Show indoors again still getting established but slowly improving. The Annual Luncheon this year at Nar Darak was again a success and our best money earner at this time.
The Club offered to help the cemetery trust clean up but there appeared to be lack of support or interest.
Vocational Service: Adrian Sier
High School interviews carried out again
Youth Service: Daryl Callander
DECA Driver training students driven to Shepparton by Rotarians and funded by Rotary.
Exchange student Bobby has returned home to India and Stephen Stewart has returned from Japan. President Gary said he was a great ambassador.
Gary also said stability has returned as we had venue changes from Beaufort Manor to Grand Central Hotel - Church of England Hall - and finally Royal Mail Hotel. Also a few firsts: First attendance at District Conference at Albury, Polio Plus obligation fulfilled and first joint Service Clubs participation Christmas Party and Australia Day. Gary's wife Liz was President for a day when we had a ladies night where roles were reversed.
David Evans Year of Office 1989 Ending 28th June 1990
Rotary Theme: Enjoy Rotary
Secretary: Peter Mangan
Treasurer: Royce Kronborg
Community Service and Art Show: John Sinclair
We had a very successful Calcutta that was held in the Molesworth Hotel. Adrian Sier was a great help.
The Art Show brought some new ideas including the Catalogue with advertisements which paid for itself. A campaign to boost attendance commenced.
A main street BBQ evening commenced the Art Show that was opened by the Commander of the Police Air Wing in support of the Helipad which was our prime object this year. The Annual Luncheon was back at Murrindindi Station with over 300 people attending; it was a great day from all points of view.
We received the problem of the old cemetery but could not get any local interest. We helped the Yea Show with manpower.
Together with the Lions Club we celebrated Australia Day with the usual barbeque. DECA driver training is funded by the car washing contract. Graeme Broadbent's involvement with youth is extremely good.
We had 2 visits from The Belgrave Club and 2 exchange students as guest speakers.
We had a good year financially and we can cover our commitment to the helipad and are now committed to support the Life Education scheme.
This was the year Stephan Slucki was bulletin editor "So what that Stephan is blind! The visitors sometimes got confused’.
This was the time The Art Show started to come of age.