Club Meeting  Guest Speaker / Program
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23_5_19  Guest Speaker: Ben Rimmer
16_5_19  Guest Speaker: Gordon Davis Greening Australia
9_5_19  Guest Speaker: Grace McDonald. Year 11 student from Yea High School
Guest Speaker: Jeffrey Swain 
11_4_19  Pride of Workmanship
Cycle Dindi  Cycle Dindi 2019
4_4_19  Sandra Hanley, RFE visit to Sri Lanka
28_3_19  Guest Speaker: Ronnie Victor from the Australian Rail Track Corporation.
14_3_19  Guest Speaker: Kel Perry
5_3_19  Swedish RFE Visit
 21_2_19  Guest Speaker: Terry Hubbard - Landcare
14_2_19  Guest Speaker: Tony Jacobs.
31_1_19  The Paying it Forward program. A presentation by Yasmin, Declan and Nick.
Jan 2019      
17_1_19  Presentation by our RYLA attendees Julian Laucius and Annette Cavanagh
10_1_19  Social Evening