General Information
Tickets and programmes are available at all gardens over the weekend and you are welcome to commence your journey at any garden most convenient to you. Tickets and programmes are also available from the Yea Visitor Information Centre, which is located inside the Y Water Centre at the eastern end of the main street, beside the police station. Whether commencing your visit from Melbourne or in Yea Township, the country gardens have been grouped to allow convenient travelling for visitors.
The Yea Garden Club annual plant sale, which is held in conjunction with the Open Gardens Weekend, can be found at “Abutilon”, the lovely garden of Kevin and Myrna Patterson at 5 Welch Street, Yea. Hundreds of potted treasures are available at bargain prices.
Visitors to the Rotary Club of Yea’s Open Gardens will find public toilets and a variety of food outlets in Yea. If visiting the High Street toilets, take the time to admire the “Toil Art” project which transformed this ordinary toilet block into a destination showpiece. Many of our restaurants have lovely courtyard eating areas and MannaFest Café is a garden café with most foods coming direct from their bountiful courtyard vegetable and herb garden.
If staying overnight, take a stroll through the magnificent Yea Wetlands on the Eastern edge of town. Water views and bush land, bird hides and nesting boxes, plus storyboards highlighting the aboriginal and natural history of the area. With both evening and early morning strolls you may have the pleasure of seeing one of our resident Platypus. The Great Victorian Rail Trail passing through the centre of town also offers lovely walks with the favourite being a brisk walk to the historic Cheviot Railway Tunnel.
Picnic areas include Cummins Reserve; can be accessed across the swing bridge behind the Yea Information Centre, Yea Railway Park (toilets, barbeques and playground) and Yea Apex Park. They all have picnic tables as well as the many in the main street plantations. Yea Railway Park has been created on abandoned railway land and the heritage station buildings restored. Extensive plantings include an avenue of Chinese elms to delineate the old railway line, a playground and a skate board park.
Also visit the Fossil Path around the Yea Information Centre which commemorates the Baragwanathia  Fossil, the oldest plant fossil found in the world, found here in the Yea district and is World Heritage Listed.  And a step further brings you to the newly planted Taungurung Indeienous Garden, ‘Badji Baanang’ a bush food garden planted by descndants of our local Taungurung Clan.  
Food and Toilet Locations.
“Glenburn Station”;      Rotary Club of Yea BBQ and Toilet available
“Boggy Creek Station”;     Morning & Afternoon Teas and Toilet available at the Guesthouse