GUEST SPEAKER Lachlan Ellis - RYLA Experience
Lachlan, grandson of Club members Paul & Christine Kellett, was Yea Rotary Clubs sponsored candidate for 2023 RYLA Experience.
He welcomed the opportunity to partake in the RYLA experience, taking him out of his comfort zone and giving him the chance of overcome personal fears, such a avoiding eye contact, and creating an awareness of how this personal action has effects on others. Lachlan made many new friends. He commented that it was a privilege to be part of the RYLA experience and is very grateful to Yea RC for the opportunity to attend.
Jason, Lachlan’s father, spoke of the changed young man who returned from the camp, who was very excited to use his new experiences to self promote his career path. He returned with maturity and a keen desire to put into action his experiences!
 Rotarians Penny Paxman and Ann Drysdale our “Getting to Know You” speakers.
Penny took the lead and unfurled a scroll documenting the significant milestones of her life and spoke of how she found Alexandra and the lifestyle she is now enjoying. Penny and her husband moved to Alexandra, establishing a guest house, which Penny designed and developed from a 6 suite guest house to a 13 suite business. They ran this for 10 years as B&B accommodation. Life moved on and Penny stayed in Alexandra on her own, working in various industries, retiring from The Standard/Chronicle. She met Marvin and together they have enjoyed many travel experiences, locally and overseas. Penny is a very active Rotarian and has been involved in the local tourism committees until recently.
Ann gave a timeline of her life, moving from Port Fairy to Yea as 3 year old and loving to call Yea home! Raising her boys and working in the education sector locally have dominated past 40 years. The “village” support for her family will always be appreciated, and hopefully she can give back to help others.
Chairperson Kelly thanked Sacred Heart Primary School, led by Emma Toulson, and sup-ported by 5 senior boys as servers. Meal was delicious and students were very professional!
Proud grandparents Paul and Christine,
with son in law Jason and
RYLA participant, Lachlan.      
Penny Paxman
Caterers from Sacred Heart Primary School