Club visit to Alexandra Rotary Club, 15 November 2023.
Sharen Robinson was Chair for the night and Maria Price was asked to propose a toast to an international Rotary Club – she chose Fort William.
President Geoff Proctor welcomed all visitors including the large contingent from Yea.
He talked about the Sunshine Fund tins found on the tables and how the funds were used.
Geoff also talked about the club’s Ukranian Program which was to provide food relief to Ukranian refugees. Now these refugees who are mainly women and children are getting more spread out and this is making food relief very difficult so the club proposes a Women’s Week program which will offer such assistance as a psychiatrist to these people who have not heard from their spouses and fathers for 2 years (among other things)
Lindsay Baker talked about visiting Norfolk Island and finding 17 Rotarians from Victoria there too. A banner was sent from Norfolk Island to the Alexandra Rotary Club.
Helen Gibb thanked all those who helped with the Alexandra Show.
She also mentioned a plea published in the Standard Newspaper for donations to Share the Dignity – a program which aims to provide basic toiletries for women in need. Donations to the Standard Office please till the end of the month.
RC of Yea President, Tony Jacobs thanked the RC of Alexandra for the invitation to attend the meeting and ran through some of the projects we have undertaken.
Rotary Exchange Student Fabio (from Switzerland) was asked to speak about his visit and he kept the room’s attention with anecdotes and photos of some of the ‘adventures’ he’s had and the people he has met in the past 4 months.
Maria Price, International Director introduced the Rotary Club of Karkiv Renaissance and the Centre for Children’s Life and Rehabilitation.
So far, 6447 children are without parents and 501 children have been killed. The Centre’s goal is to improve the life of Ukrainian children and the aim is to develop 10 centres where they are looked after with needs varying from basic food through to mental health.
There was a fine session. Then Fabio was asked to draw the raffle. Funnily enough he drew a prize for himself!  
President Geoff then closed the meeting.
Fabio and Bob Flowers     
Darryl and Pam                               President Tony                   Geoff and Penny