GUEST SPEAKER Nakiah Kerr - returning exchange student
Before Nakiah took the microphone, mum, Cheyenne asked to speak!
Cheyenne wished to convey her thanks to Rotary for all the support during the exchange and spoke of her own personal growth in Nakiah's absence—now returning to study and forging her own pathway! Cheyenne described the joy of welcoming home her young adult who has returned as a very independent person.

Proudly displaying a blazer laden with badges and memorabilia, Nakiah spoke of an experience of a lifetime! Hosted by the Rotary Club of Hornbaek, on the northern coastline of Denmark, Nakiah attended school, studying 1 semester of Yr 10 and 1 semester of Year 11. This required travel 30 minutes travel each way from her host family. There were 3 host families which were very welcoming and had many Danish experiences with them. Nahiak mastered the language and is now a fluent Danish speaker! A highlight of the exchange was the Euro Tour, which was an 18 day bus tour visiting 7 European countries along with other exchange friends. It has been 12 months of personal growth and returning as a very independent and well adjusted young adult. The exchange has been a dream, and going back to school in Yea has been hard, and adjusting back to thinking in English is another challenge!
David A commented that DG Jakob Volther of 1470, who was a guest at Yea in June after the conference, was delighted to meet Nakiah and spoke of her as being a great ambassador for Youth Exchange and Yea RC.
Vote of thanks, and a big welcome home, from Sue C
3 Minute Speaker - Bob Hentchel 
Bob spoke of growing up in Ivanhoe, and many of us
Bob spoke of growing up in Ivanhoe, and many of us could reminisce with his memories of life in the 50’s! Highlights were no sewerage, with the horse and cart “pan man” arriving to change over the lavatory pan, carrying the full pan on his flat hat!, the milkie, with his horse and cart, dropping off milk in glass pint bottles and taking the emp-ties in return, the baker, again, horse and cart, dropping off bread and the iceman with the blocks of ice for the refrigerator. The 1956 Olympics and the Scout Jamboree made it a memorable year. His family did not have TV, so would ride 5km to watch TV at a relatives house. Bob saved money from his paper round and built a kayak, which provided adventures on the Yarra River.
3 Minuter Bob    Sue, Nakiah and Cheyenne
Chairperson Lilly
Thanks to our caterers tonight, Yea Swimming Club, led by Liz Bastion.
Lovely meal, despite the worries of the power being out for 28 hours the day before! Thank you