GUEST SPEAKER Erin Papadopolous -Yea Podiatary Clinic.

Erin (nee Scott) introduced herself, having grown up in Yea from the age of 2 and completing primary and secondary schooling here. She is now the mother of 3 very active teenage children and resides on Junction Hill. She completed her 4 year degree and moved to Warrnambool, working at the Base Hospital, then back to Melbourne working with Eastern Health at Box Hill and Maroondah hospitals, mov-ing back to Yea in 2008, using her experience to establish the Clinic. Erin has also completed a Grad. Dip. in Horticulture.
Erin themed her presentation “Feet … So What!”, noting that they are usually the last limb we worry about, and introduced us to the very intricate, complex and deli-cate limb made up of many tiny bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. With many fascinating facts she confirmed for us that feet are awesome, being the hardest working limbs we rely on.
Many problems arise from poor shoe choice and Erin gave some pointers to ideal footwear which would help avoid feet stress in the future, along with tips for healthy feet. She emphasised the importance of visiting a podiatrist should any feet discomfort develop.

So … Love our Feet!
A lively question and answer session followed Erin’s interesting presentation.
3 Minute Speaker - Darryl King
Darryl had the chance encounter of meeting with 2 backpackers trudging along Murrindindi Road on Wednesday, which was an extremely hot, uncomfortable day. They were a retired couple from Toowoomba, Qld, who had flown to Melbourne, equipped themselves with basic camping gear, and were undertaking an epic adventure of walking back to Toowoomba. After the husband overcame Guillain Barre Syndrome, which Darryl has much empathy for, the couple decided it was time to tick things off on their bucket list! This one is a mammoth un-dertaking. Plans are to follow the rail trail to Mansfield, then on the Bright, Albury and then inland north to Toowoomba. Darryl found them a great camping spot on the Yea River for the night and helped them settle, ensuring they had enough supplies and were comfortable.
Well done Darryl!
Twinnies Darryl and John …
is this a new Rotary uniform?
Terry Hubbard
Caterer tonight was Kerry Tull, who stepped up with little notice to produce a lovely meal for us tonight. Thanks Kerry