Guest Speaker: Deputy Mayor Sue Carpenter.
Sue told a little of her Rotary journey as it is very relevant to her ending up being a councillor! Sue hated public speaking with a passion to the point where when it was her turn to give a three minuter, she would skip the meeting. This went on for some years, until eventually Sue overcame her fears. Being asked to be Rotary President was a major turning point and gave Sue the confidence to accept nomination for the Cheviot Ward four years ago. With assistance from campaign manager Carol Hogg, Sue’s bid to be elected was successful.
What a journey! In her four years as a councillor, Sue has once been Mayor and twice Deputy Mayor and she has really enjoyed the experience and learnt so much in the process. Sue has loved being involved in and with the community and meeting and assisting so many people.
Sue has enjoyed the experience so much that she took the opportunity Thursday evening to publicly announce that she is going to seek re-election for a second term. Good on you Sue!
Three Minuter - Marj. Hamilton
Marj read three poems, all to do with the Dairy Creek/Yellow Creek Landcare versus Strath Creek Landcare cricket rivalry. One of the poems was by Terry Hubbard and the others from Marj. Marj proudly waved the trophy which is still firmly in the hands of Dairy Creek/Yellow Creek Landcare.
Liz and Darryl assisted Kerry with the meal.
President Tony welcomed a very small but quality crowd, including our own Sue Carpenter, Deputy Mayor of the Murrindindi Shire. Five members are in Singapore for the RI Convention and many are travelling but the rest were there to enjoy Kerry’s delicious corned beef and apple pies!  Tony reported that Fabio is returning home via a cruise ship and will be back in time to speak to us next week. What an experience he is having!