GUEST SPEAKERB Kerry McGahy, - Mental Health for Young People.
Kerry advocates that we all have a role to play to support mental health for young people, with suicide being the leading cause of death for youth.
Employed at Alexandra Secondary College as their Engagement & Wellbeing officer, Kerry is working with youth, supporting students to overcome their anxieties, disconnection, loneliness and feelings of not belonging, enabling them to join in and participate socially and in classtime. Covid and natural disasters have shaped our youth and left many gaps for young people, ie family structures, financial and adult mental health. Social media also has negative effects on youth.
Schools play a major role in counselling students, and the problems are recognised and resources are funded to assist. Families also need support by way of agencies and community groups ie. Sporting clubs. Kerry concluded with a reminder that mental health is not easy, and as a community groups, need to come together to sup-port connections.
Vote of thanks from Marj Hamilton
Chairperson for the meeting was Penny Paxman
Penny, a wonderful advocate for mental health awareness, prepared a fun program supporting Rota-rys’ Lift the Lid on Mental Health initiative, raising funds to support research into finding a way to pre-vent this type of illness.
Penny organised an auction of 3 hats, each with a secret prize, as well as a prize for the best “crazy hat”.
David Anderson, our Auctioneer for the fundraiser, commented that one in five people are affected by mental health illness, and encouraged us all to be open and talk.
Bidding was hotly contested, quickly raising $365.00 to support mental health re-search.
•  Marj Hamilton was the winning bidder for the Pink Hat—winning an Airfryer
• Bob Dewar outbid a strong contingent for the Blue Hat—wining a Goulburn Valley Nursery Voucher
• John Sinclair was the winning bidder for the Green Hat—which was the mystery prize (a lovely set of earrings and necklace)
Thanks to caterers, Deb Baynes and team (Emma and Sharon) for the delicious roast beef and pudding meal!