Guest Speaker: Michael Tehan. (Rotary Club of Euroa)
Michael spoke about his life in the law.  Next year will be his 50th year in law. His father was a lawyer in the 1920’s and the business went back as far as 1885.   Michael was admitted into practice in 1969.   His father instilled the importance of confidentiality and how you behave in a small country town.  Michael stressed the importance of appointing a Power Of Attorney, of which, the reasons for requiring a POA has vastly changed over the years.
3 minuter: Russell Troup
Russell spoke about his career in Direct Marketing. Direct marketing work closely with big advertising companies using database management, magazines, coupons, direct mail and catalogues to name a few. Direct Marketing use controlled words to gain a response. Russell gave some statistics on the distribution-growth over the years
Sgt Julie fining members        
Kimberley collecting the fines