Global Grant Zoom Meeting with Dayspring School and Rotarians from Districts 9400 South Africa and 9790 Australia.
The meeting tonight was attended by more than 40 people including friends of Ruth Konig, Members of district 9790 , Rotarians from Rustenberg Kloof in South Africa and Bishop Bester and all were warmly welcomed by both President Carol and Chair David Anderson.

A minute’s silence was held in recognition of the passing of Francois Pinaar, RC of Rustenberg Kloof who was very involved in the Dayspring Childrens Village

Dayspring Childrens Village

Julie Lynch gave us some background into how the project started through Ruth a dedicated teacher,  a Rotarian and also a humanitarian who was working with students from Sacred Heart Primary School in Yea who started fundraising for a school in South Africa. The students raised $1000, then approached Rotary to find a worthwhile project to which they could donate funds, Rotary matched the funds creating a total of $2000 . (Click for Julie's background talk)

Ruth, while participating in a Rotary Friendship Exchange to South Africa, met Cheryl Phillips who is now a member of the South African Parliament but had been a Rotary Exchange Student in Australia. They visited Dayspring and Ruth saw that this was a project that could use the funds.

Ruth went on to raise much more money and through the efforts of Rotary Foundation,

Rotary Yea and Rotary Rustenberg Kloof they raised $1,200,00 to fund a classroom block and toilet block.

Unfortunately, Ruth died just after the grant was approved so did not see work commence.

Many of those involved in processing the grant application, obtaining permits and getting to this point acknowledged Ruth and her passion for the project.

Kim Katuta wanted to pass on thanks from the staff and children to everyone involved so far.

She told us that the kids are from impoverished backgrounds and that the children Ruth had met had done very well in society becoming lawyers and doctors among other professions. She also reminded us that the projects provides those employed with upskilling, work, and food for their families.

Kim has promised more photos as the project progresses.

Construction work at Dayspring
Zoom Participants
South African Participants
Australian Participants