Guest Speaker: Molly Connor (Outbound Exchange)
Molly, from Winton,  is the Rotary Youth Exchange student that our club is sponsoring in 2019.  During her talk Molly talked about her life with her family of five, going to school in Wangaratta and her exchange next year to the Bordeaux region of France. Molly spoke well and gave a very confident presentation.
Kimberley (our exchange students from Switzerland) thanking Molly for her talk.  
Molly and her mother Sophie
Chairperson: 3 minuter: Janet Troup
Janet Troup talked about a recent visit to Temora on the Burley Griffith Way. She talked about fly-outs from an Aircraft Museum, an air-show, Warbirds, the demands of the pilots of that time, and of the highlight being the Spitfires. Janet highly recommended the event. The next one being on April 27th, 2019.
Open gardens report: Glenn Milliken
Glenn gave an update on the funs raised for the Open Gardens: approximately $14,000, a higher profit over last year’s $8,800.  One of the changes made on last year was the increase of price on the country gardens, making the value of a multiple ticket more attractive. There were 478 people that went through the gardens. Overall, between the Open Garden and the Garden Expo, Rotary has raised approx. $30,000.
Kimberley with the cooking team  
 Dickie and Janet  
 Sergeant Richard Forde in action