CLUB ASSEMBLY - President Paul's First Meeting
President Paul called the meeting to order saying that he was faced with 3 crises in his first week. The first being that no caterers were available and since the pizzas and pasta had arrived we should start with that first. Thank you to Ann for organising tonight’s meal.
Paul then thanked Carol, Russell and Rodney as well as others who set up the hall etc for changeover night.
He announced that the next Club Assembly will be held on September 9 as he has decided to make them bimonthly.
Marj Hamilton has been appointed convenor of the Fun Nights which can take different forms including serious nights, ideas nights, information sharing etc.
Changes in my life since becoming a Shire Councillor.  It was all because of Rotary and thank you to the club for giving her the confidence to become a Councillor. Council consists of a mixture of members from a range of backgrounds and mostly without political affiliations. The Shire is responsible for so many things and decision making is a slow process because it in-volves consultation, transparency and relying on Council officers for the correct information.
Thank you to those who voted for me. I’m thoroughly enjoying it.
Our Paul Harris Fellows were presented with a special medal on a sash which David Anderson tells us is one of a few left.
Sue Carpenter, Ian Sichlau, Gary Cocks , Bob Dewar and Ken Foletta all received one.
The club was given 6, so there is one left to be presented.
David also informed members of the order in which members should wear badges. The Rotary wheel badge always goes to the top, then the Paul Harris medal, then theme badges.
President Paul presenting medals to
Ian Sichlau                              Gary Cocks                           Sue Carpenter
Bobby Dewar                                                           Ken Foletta
Having lunch at Terry’s soon. In the meantime Terry to complete negotiations with Council on unfinished projects.
Sue advised the meeting that the Shire had installed more picnic tables in the main street and that she had asked them to notify the club of the exact number.
Julie spoke about goals for the upcoming year which include vocational visits, meeting with other clubs and fellowship events.
There are 2 Pride of Workmanship Awards to present so Gary Cocks has been asked to set aside a night for Awards in 2021.
LEN interviews—thanks to Ann who sent them out. Student training interviews will be taking place at the school in August. Will this replace the Rotary interviews?
Business Buddies—to be revisited with Penny.
A committee - Tony, Paul, Di and Gary has been set up and will be meeting next week to discuss strategies.
Glenda spoke of visits to some older members of the club and taking them copies of the Annual Report.
She has some hard copies of the report available if club members would like one.
Yea Garden Expo -Paul reported that Will had kept him up to date with comprehensive minutes.
Open Gardens—Elaine and Tony 10gardens confirmed and 2 pending.
Date should have been November 6 and 7 not as printed in the Bulletin.
Walk for Suicide Prevention—Tony. Taking place on Sunday September 12 in the morning and followed by a BBQ.
Art Show—Marj and David have yet to meet.
Cycle Dindi—Julie and Glenda are taking a short break.
Stitches and Steel—will now go to the Board to decide if this is to run next year.
Glen had come up with an idea of a Health Emergency Card, but explained that Ambulance Victoria might be able to supply them.
Catherine Rattray reminded the meeting that a group from the club had travelled to Papua New Guinea about 11 years ago and had met Kingsford who had had his colon removed at age 2. He needed further surgery and our club members did everything they could to help. In the end they reached out to Children First who made the operation happen and it was a success. Kingston is now married with a 3 year old son, Richard.
Glenda acknowledged Catherine’s work and also the fact that she was awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship.
Terry Hubbard commented on unfinished projects including the covered seats in the main street and the instal-lation of artworks by Darren Gilbert.
Gary Fitzgerald commented that Darryl Callander wanted it noted that the first exchange student from this club was not Jess Carpenter, there were 2 before her.
Dick raised the issue of SILP which had been abandoned and wanted to know why?
Rodney ran a very enthusiastic Sergeant’s Session and collected lots of fines.