Our first Zoom Meeting
A message from President Sue
Hello fellow Rotarians.
It was so nice to see many of you at our first zoom meeting. It made me realize how long since I 've seen many of you, and I am missing our regular contact.
The zoom meeting was easier than expected to be a part of and I hope we can meet again this Thursday at 7.30 for a "happy hour". I hope more of you give it a go.
Cheers Sue
22 Members and PDG Richard Luke joined the first ever ‘zoom’ meeting for the Rotary Club of Yea, with apologies from Sinkers and Gary who were having internet connection issues.
Guest Speaker—AG District 9790 Zone 9—Marg Crisp
Marg gave a very comprehensive report of the Corryong and District Bushfire Recovery effort (Marg is on the Bushfire Relief Committee).
Marg explained how the fire started across the border and how and where it spread to in Victoria and the efforts by so many to protect small communities and the township of Corryong. This was from a CFA already stretched after a week of fires in East Gippsland.
All up, 55 houses were lost. Plus another 20 that were no longer being used as residences.
A particular feature of this fire were the number of valleys affected.
The Rotary response was quick and effective but there was no power and limited phone towers remaining so communication was difficult.
Marg then outlined what a number of Rotary Clubs did or contributed including organizing semi trailer loads of hay (Kinglake Ranges and Bright) and pellets for animal fodder (Alpen Park). Fencing through both Rotary Clubs and Blaze Aid, Food relief and more. The organization Food Share facilitated food supplies to many who were isolated and were in Marg’s words—”just amazing”.
So many Rotary Clubs assisted and worked together to supply help when and where it was needed including one Rotarian who refurbished 28 generators ,as some places were without power for up to three weeks and were reliant of them.
Marg said there were so many stories of survival and resilience coming out of this terrible event, more than time would allow for Marg to talk about.
The area is in need of storage facilities in the form of shipping containers (50 people currently waiting) and rotary is working with Councils and philanthropic organizations to facilitate this. There is still a need for hay and pellets and Rotarians are maintaining phone contact to assist people. The COVID-19 virus has made phone contact even more important as people are denied the usual avenues of support.
Marg answered a number of questions and one good news story came from Jim. Jim took on 100 heifers to support a farmer who has no feed or fencing. The farmer is now in a position to take his stock back and they will be trucked back this week. Well done Jim!
As we all know, a long road to recovery lies ahead and Rotary will be there every step of the way!
Louis Thevenet (remember Louis—from France, currently staying with Gary Cocks).
He has been doing some camping—on the property of course!
The many faces of Farmer Louis
As you all know Cycle Dindi did not go ahead as planned on the 4th April. One of the things the committee already had in place was a donation of 25kgs+ of sweets from the Nestle Factory in Broadford. These were kindly donated by Paul Banyan. These have since been re-donated to Mother Eden for the community meals that are still being provided for many