GUEST SPEAKER MATT SPURGEON Manager—Yea and District Community Bank Branch - Bendigo Bank
Matt started with his personal journey so far and the fact that he’s originally from Corryong. He’s a Hawthorn supporter and has been involved with sports since he was young throwing a lot of energy into Carrum Downs Cricket Club. Somehow he got into cycling and took up the challenge to ride from Melbourne to the Gold Coast for a conference. It took 14 days. Glenda and Julie have almost got him committed to Cycle Dindi this year.
There was a stint of Amateur Boxing and Matt wrote a book about his experiences with that. (something about blood on the pillow for 5 weeks after his first major fight).
Professionally, Matt’s journey has seen him working with companies such as Nissan, Audi and Volvo where he was regional manager covering 3 states.
Here at the Yea Bank, he was the first male employee and arrived to find such things as high accumulated losses, low lend-ing, low confidence and narrow skill sets among the staff.
Now he has seen a 28% increase in lending, the bank is breaking even and there are increased sales of all their products.
In the future, Matt intends to settle in this area. He outlined his personal goals and is well on the way to achieving them.
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3 Minuter— Bob Hentschel
Bob spoke about his Covid project which was researching family history and going back to his great great grandfather Theodore Paul Hentschel who was born in Poland in February 1821 and travelled to Australia on a ship from Hamburg in Germany in 1848.
He trained as a lithographer, setting up a business in Swanston Street, Melbourne, married in 1850 and lived in Brunswick. They had 9 children.
Theodore became a naturalized citizen in 1851 and died in 1902, aged 80.
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