Please Note - All town gardens are $5 entry (cash only at the gate) or included as part of a $40 weekend pass (maybe be purchased at the gate (cash only) or via TryBooking (
Daryl & Penny Britton
20 Lawrences Rd, YEA
This garden began with its first plantings being made approximately 4yrs ago starting with the native area at the front of the property. Over 30 native species and more than 800 potted plants were initially planted with  some being endemic to the region. The native theme in the front, transitions to a mix of exotic plantings in the middle of the property and through to a productive small orchard and kitchen garden to the rear. The garden has slowly evolved to its present stage and continues to evolve over time.
Stuart and Khia Jarvis
11 Lawrence Place, YEA
Situated on a 10acre property close to Yea town centre, this garden is just 2 years in the making. A series of pathways lead you around a sloping terrain to a variety of newly developed gardens. Along the way there are a number of opportunities to sit and take in the views of the rolling farmland hills. Due to the harsh southerly winds that occur frequently, the two larger gardens have been planted predominantly with native varieties of grasses, ground covers and lower growing shrubs. Other smaller gardens have a blend of plants from around the world. A recently planted avenue of deciduous trees on the lower level, takes you to gardens closer to the dam. The owners design experience is evident in this garden.
John and Jeannie Handsaker
22 Moyle Street, YEA
Although this block is a normal suburban size it contains many interesting aspects. Tucked away behind the beautiful ornamental grape vine covering the front fence, it has more than 75 assorted roses, 10 crepe myrtle trees and 13 fruit bearing trees. A main feature is the prostrate Cootamundra Wattle that cascades over a rock wall at the rear. Starting as a small plant it now completely follows the contour of the wall. The sloping front garden area has a small water feature enhanced by a Japanese Wisteria which has been allowed to grow up an adjoining ti-tree. Most of the roses are in the front area and are complemented by a flowering gum and mature New Zealand Christmas Bush.
Myrna Patterson Garden
6 Welch Street, YEA.