1.  Wilson Garden - “RUSTIC CHARM”
11 East Street, Yea.
Owners:- Robyn & Gordon Wilson.
The Wilsons purchased the property last October and the previous owners had put a lot of time into the garden, however much has been altered and added since then. Robyn and Gordon have a fantastic eye for detail and are both very creative. They have placed their own stamp on the garden especially the back garden which is a wonderful haven for relaxation and entertaining.
Gordon is a glazier and handyman and both are very creative with an eye for detail and a superb skill for imagining something 'different' and the result is quite stunning. Take special note of the unusual and artistic treatment of the fence surrounding the back garden.
Robyn says she is hoping in a few years the garden will be an English garden with a rustic touch. Treasured memorabilia are a huge feature of the garden and the new name ‘Rustic Charm’ suits perfectly.  
Robyn is hoping the bush and standard roses she has planted in the front garden will give a wonderful display this summer to add to the brilliant display of colour throughout the whole garden.
The front garden is charming and suits the house style perfectly and you can spend much time in the back and still not find all the quirky and fascinating bits and pieces tucked away amongst the beautiful garden plantings. You will also find a covered area here for shade loving plants and a thriving vegetable garden as well as several seating areas.
2.  Boyce Garden
5 Mulqueeny Lane, Yea
Owners:- Monika & Ron Boyce
We were one of the 1st houses to be built in this estate 13 years ago Gardening has been my main interest for years and we love living in Yea.
We try and grow as much fruit vegetables & herbs as we can, which include 6 Blueberries, 5 dwarf citrus as well as a new Navel Orange, Espaliered Fuji & Golden delicious apples, double grafted blood plum, Crab Apple, white peach & Passionfruit. Also a sultana grape & a purple variety, both grown from cuttings. Recently planted is a dwarf Mulberry and another Ballerina Pink Lady apple. Our vegetables are grown from open pollinated seed that allows me to save seed from everything I grow.
Seeds will be  available for sale.
3.  Stornaway
Owners Ian & Wendy Stewart
53 Racecourse Road, Yea
This large garden was planted during the 12 year drought and it was a struggle to keep plants alive and watered.   Ian designed, planted and created the gardens and infrastructure. A circular driveway sweeps around to the front of the house and the circular bed in the middle has been divided into 4 segments.  The large pergola centerpiece of this garden is almost buried under a magnificent display of climbing roses and forms a spectacular entry in the summer months.  The many large garden beds are amassed with blue star flowers, white violets, daffodils, irises and hundreds of roses, giving colour at all times of the year. A pond filled with water irises is a feature near the house and the antique pump, still working, is a relic from their former house and garden next door. A vegetable garden, extensive orchard and favourite tree plantings provide colour, shelter and food production further away from the house.
Plantings of native trees and shrubs along the boundaries provide shelter from the prevailing winds and a screen between the garden and the school next door. 
4.   Beaufort Manor
111 High Street,Yea
Lisa & Stewart Cornwall
Beaufort Manor is a significant historical feature in Yea (circa 1876) and the garden design, by Sue Carpenter in 2015, needed to be both functional and not distracting from the proud landmark. The recent plantings help to anchor the building and provide both privacy and attractive backdrops for garden ceremonies and photography.  The gazebo, built by the current owner, was relocated to the end of the path and the extended lawn area still allows for plenty of space for guests to congregate, while the beautiful fountain remains the main focal point.
Visitors to the garden, will also be able to wander through the manor, view historic photographs and partake in a scrumptious Devonshire tea selection, in the elegant Victorian lounge room or outside in the peaceful garden surrounds.
                              'Visitors to the garden will also be able to view sculptures by local artists'
5.  The Yea Garden Club Annual Plant Sale
5 Welch Street, Yea
The Yea Garden Club Annual plant sale can be found at 'Abutilon'  the lovely garden of Myrna Patterson, at 5 Welsh Street Yea.  Hundreds of potted treasures are available at bargain basement prices as well as morning and afternoon teas.