Vendors 2022
Print List of Vendors
Bamboo Images
All that is bamboo
Rotary B/B/Cue
B/B/Cued sausages/hamburgers etc.
Crafted by Bees
A lovely range of honey products
Darren Gilbert
Garden Art Features
Darrell Callander
Horseshoe garden features
Valley Tools
Extensive range of garden tools
Di’s Delightful Plants
Wide variety of garden plants
Squatting Frog Nursery
Range of deciduous trees, garden plants
and garden decorations
Mr Quick Whip
Ice creams & cold drinks
Specialist garden tools
Country Farm Perennials
A huge range of small ready to plant,
varieties of flowering plants
Herb, Chilli and Fruit Tree
Range of fruit trees and garden plants 
INOZ contractors (Preet Kaur)
Indian food
Margaret Zaal
Artist of gardens
Seed Savers
Extensive range of garden seeds
Ironstone Nursery
Interesting and varied range of garden plants  and garden features
Morris Outside
Fantastic range of garden and other gloves
Polaris Seymour
Full range of Polaris vehicles
Seedscape Seeds
Extensive range of garden seeds
Studfield Garden Centre
Range of garden pots
Sunset Valley Chicks
Sunshine & Dirt
Experts in all sorts of garden plants and have many on display
The Potted Plan
Lovely range of potted plants
Three Beans Coffee & Catering
Hot drinks/coffee and snacks
Treasured Perennials
All sorts of perennials
Unique Hardwood Creations
Garden features and all sorts of garden seats etc.
Vagabond Creations
Artistic garden features
Westnet Succulents
Specialist in garden succulents
White House Nursery
Leader in many ranges of garden plants
Yea Machinery
Mowers, ride on Kubota range and other garden equipment
Yea Wetlands
Tea /Coffee and afternoon tea
Nette Davies
A Peonies plant specialist
Stihl Seymour
All the Stihl range of equipment
Tippy Anderson
Creative items of garden accessories
Glass Art Fusion
Garden art features using glass fusion
Your Scarfs
Full range of beautiful scarfs to wear in your garden or in town
50 shades of Hosta
A full range of the unusual and interesting Hosta garden plants