Speaker Program
Craig Castree
 PM    Craig Castree - Grafting and Companion Planting.   
Craig Castree - Grafting and Companion Planting.
 Liz from Dindi Bees  
Speaker Information
Craig Castree
Craig is an award-winning Horticulturist of 45 years’ experience at growing his own food organically and creating edible gardens. He is a Published author 5 books all pointed toward being self sufficient on an urban block. You will have no doubt seen him on channel 7TWO on Vasilis Garden as one of the regular presenters, or heard him speaking on Melbourne’s Radio 3AW, and on 88.3 Southern FM. Now see him speak live on edible gardening and how you could be producing your own food organically on an urban block, without a vegetable garden and without the hard work!.
On Sunday he will be talking about growing fruit trees and how you can add varieties to your own tree by grafting them to extend the picking times of your trees,  and will be demonstrating grafting techniques at his stand during the festival.
Dindi Bees
Dindi Bee Supplies was born in the middle of a pandemic, from a passion for bees and a desire to bring a much-needed service to our area. As beekeepers ourselves we were constantly frustrated by the travel needed to purchase supplies, and we felt the lack of networking opportunities with other beekeepers.
Not only do we pride ourselves on offering Australian Made and local products wherever possible, we have bee-come a hub for bee enthusiasts in the area, have been instrumental in the creation of a local (Alexandra) bee group, and we are always happy to help new beekeepers (new-bees) and those who are yet to start (wanna-bees) with resources and advice.
About Liz
Liz started her beekeeping adventure in the deep end, cutting out a feral beehive from her brother's loungeroom wall in Albury and re-homing it in Eildon. After many mistakes made and lessons learned, Liz has expanded from just a few to over 30 hives and is still learning! She is passionate about bees and enjoys having the shop as a place to talk to beekeepers and those interested about the legalities, challenges, different methods, and importance of responsible beekeeping. She is always looking for new and interesting bee gifts and books, and is hoping for a bumper honey season so she can offer more of her own (well, her bees') honey for sale.