Rodney had set up all the regalia, and 28 people arrived for dinner and our first official meeting for ages. It was held in the back courtyard at the Royal Mail Hotel and fortunately, the rain held off.
GUEST SPEAKER - PENNY PAXMAN  - Author—Ready, Aim , Fire

Penny shared the steps she took to write her book, the core of which was written in 48 hours.
She talked about the motivation behind writing, the preparation she needed to do and how to organise material.  In her case, Penny subscribed to a program which supplied an editor, transcriber, photographer, publisher and printer so she just followed the steps.Then she described creating a manuscript through recording your words and sending the finished file to a transcriber. 
It was the editing and artwork that took much longer than actually writing the book in the first place.
The final step is marketing and that is a whole story of its own.
Penny finished by saying ‘now that I know what to do, I think I could do it all again, so look out for my next book’
Copies of Penny’s book are being made available free of charge to those involved in our Business Buddies program.
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