Yea Garden Expo 23
Expo Coordinator
Vendor Contacts   
Tony Jacobs 0407062948
Jim Osborne 0438119429
Glenda Woods 0428321545
Vendors List and Sites (As of 17/9/23)
VendorSite Number             VendorSite Number
Aaha Twisty Spuds12 & 13 Preet Kaur40
Adaptable Gardens (Ben)16a & 16b Rotary B/B/Cue46,47
Affordable Plants49,50,51 Rotary Bookstall 39
All About Gardens (Treasured Perennials)8,9  Speakers Tent38
Bamboo Creations44 Squatting Frog Nursery17,18,34,35
Connect with Brett42 Stihl Seymour45
Country Farm Perennials Seed Savers5 Studfield Garden Centre48
Crafted by Bees7 Sunset Valley Chicks57
Cruz'N'Coffee25,27 The Potted Plant41
Daryl Callander10,11 Tippy Anderson30
David Barretto22 Vagabond Creations32
Diamond Valley Violets61 Valley Tools62
Di's Delightful Plants1,2 Westnet Nar Nar Goon31
Drewitts Bulbs23 White House Nursery43
F.D.Ryan4 Yea Garden Centre20
Gardenanacious21 Yea Machinery58,59,60
Herb Chilli & Fruit Trees63,64,65 Yea Wetlands36
Morris Outside6 Your Scarfs3
Mr Quick Whip37 Tagged4life19
Native Seed Box  (Wonthaggi)28 Hill billy Chilli33
Peppercorn Products29 Yea Pottery Club24