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Introduction - A BRIEF HISTORY

The Rotary Club of Yea was admitted to Rotary International on May 1st of 1986. With an initial membership of 23, the Charter was presented in Yea Shire Hall on July 5 1986, under the guidance of Reg Scott of Molesworth; the District Governor's special representative. The Rotary Club of Alexandra sponsored the Yea club. A leading role in this sponsorship was played by three Rotarians; Reg Scott, Roy Fox and Bill Hewitt. Of the original Charter group, two are still members; Gary Fitzgerald and Les Hall. Our sponsor Roy Fox is still a regular guest. Alexandra members, John Sinclair and Doug Zerbe, were inducted into Yea in that year and also remain members. In 2010/2011 we have 35 members, nine of whom are women.

 The Yea club has always promoted the established programs of Rotary International and of our district. We have had a continuing involvement in RYLA and, over the years have sponsored Youth Exchanges and such activities as the National Youth Science Forum. Yea has fielded teams in the Rotary Debating competition and has supported such endeavours as the Moira Kelly Children First Rotary Farm in Kilmore and the Bone Marrow Foundation and Cancer Council Victoria. It is a matter of pride to be associated with the world- wide programs like the eradication of polio.

 Local activities are dear to the heart of Yea Rotary and, over the years, we have taken an active role in more projects than could be mentioned in detail. Local sports clubs, schools, land service groups have all received grants from time to time. We have supported the renovation of the Yea Railway Station, the local Tourism Association, the Rosebank Hostel and the Agricultural Show. Two outstanding projects in the early years of the club were the Livestock Industry Appeal, which raised funds for the Community Centre at the High School and the raising of $10,000 for the Emergency Section at Yea Hospital. Recent `hands on' projects have seen Rotarians leveling and sowing parkland areas at the entrances to Yea and preparing the approaches to the Yea Wetlands swing bridge, planting trees and clearing trees and erecting fences. This `contribution in kind' is the recognised profile of Rotary in the Yea community. In 2010 10 members spent two weeks in Mando PNG working to install water tanks, re assemble classroom furniture as well as providing classroom support.

 A key part of Rotary work is raising the funds to support these many and varied activities. Over the years, Yea has run all manner of fundraisers, from Calcutta nights to `Music Hall', from Trivia nights and raffles to Auction sales and stalls. Our 'Flagship’ activity has been and continues to be the Rotary Art Show. This project was taken on by the Rotary Club when, after 15 years, the Chamber of Commerce could no longer continue. Since 1986, it has gone from strength to strength, sponsored by the Shire of Murrindindi and now attracts artists and buyers from across the state. In 2008 significant sponsorship was provided by the Hargrave Family Trust which has seen a boost in the quality and calibre of the artists’ entries. This sponsorship has been provided for 5 years duration and is much appreciated by the Club.  More than a money raiser, the Art Show has become a part of local life and is always associated with the Australia Day BBQ, also run by Rotary, (previously with the Lions Club), as part of the traditional celebrations.

 In compiling this brief report, it is timely to recognise the fantastic tradition of Service in the Rotary Club of Yea. Whatever the job, `You only need to ask' has become the measure. It is also appropriate to acknowledge the work done by Charter Member David Evans in preserving the lively memory of activities, since its induction, of The Rotary Club of Yea. His work forms the basis of this history.


Birth of Rotary in Yea

On the 19th of February 1986 a list of names was drawn up of possibly interested men who may be interested in forming a Rotary Club in Yea.

 Reg Scott of Molesworth who was the District Governor’s special representative at that time held a meeting at his home at Molesworth. This was followed by a meeting at St. Luke’s hall in Yea where the numbers had increased.

 Our first dinner meeting was held at Beaufort Manor and it was agreed we form a provisional Rotary Club of Yea and hold weekly meetings with 23 interested members,

 Yea Rotary Club was admitted to Rotary on May lst. 1986 and the Charter presentation on July 5th 1986 was in the Shire Hall.

 The Rotary Club of Yea was sponsored by The Rotary Club of Alexandra and the most active in the forming of the club were Reg Scott, Roy Fox and Bill Hewitt.

 Reg has since passed on and Roy is still a visitor to our Club, a Rotarian who has the ultimate respect from all our members

District Governor   Leo Gorman

District Governor's Special Representative Reg Scott

Formed March 1986                          

Admitted to Rotary May lst 1986

Charter Presentation July 5th 1986




Charter Club Members:








Basser Philip


Medicine General Practice


Bell Ian


Education Secondary


Beer Neil


Automobile Retailer


Bryant Ross


Stock and Station Agent


Broadbent Graeme


Law Enforcement


Callander Daryl


Steel Fabricating


Clements Graeme


Municipal Water Service


Dale Tim


Prime Lamb Production


Davison Clarry




Evans David


Electrical Contracting


Fitzgerald Garry


Heating Appliance Manufacturing


Hall Les


Farm Management


Hauser Peter


Vealer Production


Lawson David


Piano Tuning


Lawson Don


Agricultural Consultant


Lockhart Bob


Stud Sheep Ryelands


Long Ash


News Papers


Long Ric


Stud Cattle Herefords


McCormack John


Beef Cattle Herefords


Quinlan Bernie


Farm Machinery Retail


Sier Adrian


Horse Breeding Thoroughbreds


Tainton John


Meat Retail


Watson Ray