GUEST SPEAKER Liz Baker—Dindi Bee Supplies

Liz passed on lots of information and anecdotes about her passion—bees.
She included details about their sex lives, their roles within and outside the hive, how the queens are chosen and how the hive disposes of those they don’t want.
There were never ending questions at the end of her talk and our chairman had to cut them short. Liz invited anyone interested to go and talk to her about bees in her new Yea premises.
3 MINUTER Les Hall
Les talked about his connections with the Wonnangatta Valley . He described the Beveridge, Barclay, Philips and Ritchie families who were all associated with the valley. The Halls were also associated with the valley and Les rode out in that area with the experienced horsemen of these families when he was a young man.
Marj Hamilton gave a presentation about the Art Show including some history.
This year we have 272 entries (2022 301)
We have sponsorship to the value of $7500 ( including $5000 from Frank Hargraves)
Entry categories include one new one—Simply Nature
Opening night
Start 7.30pm
MC—David Anderson
To be opened by Don Knight
Judge—always a secret
Catering—Bob Dewar, Daryl King and team
Tickets sold to date 65 plus Rotarians
Bar—Gary Fitz and team
Shire Applications and $2500 grant towards costs—Carol Hogg
Artwork for posters, catalogue and publicity—Ken Foletta
Painting donated by Julian Bruere for raffle
Artwork to be hung by Julian Bruere and team
Entries—registered by Janet Forde
Raffle—raised approx. $1900 to date—Penny