Guest speaker Jess Kennedy - Progression Physiotherapy Yea

Jess explained that she has a passion for helping people get moving and believes that everyone can be empowered to move forward to better health - hence the name of her business- Progression Physiotherapy which opened in Yea in Dec. 2022.
Jess also works in a complementary association with long established Yea Physio Kim Slavin.
Jess then had us up on our feet trying out a balance activity.
Jess explained that group strength training sessions are targeted to the individual participant, with the aim to make everyday tasks easier.

Ann thanked both Jess and Jacque- great to see a young couple prepared to start a small business in Yea.
Guest Jacqui Graham - Jacque filled in as an impromptu 3 minuter and spoke of how her Youth Exchange to Germany in 2008 (sponsored by the RC of Yea) helped shape her life as it encouraged her to take advantage of opportunities presented to her.
Jacque commenced as a volunteer community ambulance officer, undertook additional training as an air ambulance officer, has wintered up at Mt Buller and now is based full time in Yea.