Zoom Meeting - 20 people attended the Zoom meeting.

Tony informed the meeting that the Goulburn Valley Suicide Awareness Walk has been moved to November 21.

PP Sue informed the meeting that Will de Castella, chair of the Yea Garden Expo committee had informed her and the Board that this year’s Expo has been postponed to 2022.
PP Sue introduced our guest speaker Bec Bowles.
Bec told us about the process of obtaining her General Firefighters Certificate which is now required by all firefighters as the emphasis is on safety.
Bec attended a meeting in Seymour where there was a presentation on becoming a fire-fighter and she was fitted with PPE—compulsory on any firetruck. There were sessions held at Homewood and there is now a very big manual which all trainees have to read.
An exercise was held at Homewood for a whole day and there was a final exam consist-ing of a written test and a practical test on the tuck.
In between all this there was a lot of training online.
There was no practise with water on flames, though those opportunities will be made available over time. Most of the trainees were over 45 years old and 30 were involved from region 12.
Lots of discussion followed and those already known as firefighters were able to con-tribute a lot of information
Bec also used the opportunity to invite us all to participate in the Mural being painted on the Library carpark wall. There will be a painting of shelves with books and you can purchase space with your name, your favourite book and its author. Prices start at $25.
This is a Yea Community House project and the artist is Mark Klein.
PP Sue, thanked Bec for coming and bringing us up to date on becoming a firefighter.

TERRY—updated the meeting on the Pioneer Reserve Sculptures. The Board has agreed to the new design for installation in principle. It is proposed that a bobcat and operator be en-gaged by the Shire to create a display area and cover it with gravel and club members pour concrete and install the sculptures. In summary, the sculpture will go into place shortly with minimal cost to the club.

UPGRADE TO BBQ TRAILER. Designs are being done and Glenn is consultation with those who can advise the best way to go about required upgrades.
The club will support their picnic day and BBQ