Club History 2015 -
Jeannie Handsaker Year of Office 2015 -2016
Rotary Theme: Be a gift to the world
Secretary: David Roberts
Treasurer: Ian Lynch
Community Service: Bob Hentschel
 Art Show Director: Carol Hogg
It is with pleasure that I present a resume of the 30th year of Rotary in Yea. One of the highlights was the 30th birthday held in the Shire Hall at which 130 past and present members swapped stories and banter and applauded the speaker who gave a very interesting account of the back story to the movie "Oddball".
When I was first asked to do this job I refused on the grounds that I was still working interstate and would be absent for eight Thursdays. Jim quickly pointed out that I would be present for the other 42 and he would happily cover my absence. Thank you Jim and John Bett for covering for me in such a capable manner. Thank you members for entrusting me with the leadership of our great club.
The year has flown by and has not been without its challenges.  Mostly it has been one of learning and growing, but always it has been a privilege to lead in an atmosphere of co-operation and respect.  My board members always delivered loyalty and wisdom which was needed quite often and I sincerely thank my mentors, Jim Osborne and David Roberts.
Our program director Pat Sichlau has excelled herself with the variety we have been given each Thursday and that is probably why she has the job again next year. Thank you Pat.
Our membership has continued to climb steadily under the directorship of Gary Cocks and mentorship of John Sinclair and we have inducted five new members for the year which is a fantastic effort. We welcomed Val Howard, David Ngo, Tracey Ukosich, Jill Maddison, and Glenn Milliken.
Members have been very supportive in the Community Service area and have completed all the usual activities such as the Art Show, the Open Gardens, the Molesworth Bazaar, The Biggest Morning Tea, Student Exchange, both in-going and outgoing, Mock Interviews and a range of BBQ's for various events.   We again had the Senior Citizens' Dinner, Carols by Candlelight and the Bowelscan program. We have added on the Bushrodders weekend and the Dindi Cycle event and both of these have potential to be great community involvement programs in the coming years.
uring the year we were called on to support a large fund-raising effort for the Vanuatu disaster victims and combined with Lisa and Stewart Cornwall from Beaufort Manor, we were able to raise $15,000 to support this cause.
We participated in the Leukaemia Light up the Night walk and also assisted with parking at the race meetings. We continued to support schools with finance for scholarships or alternate programs if this is what they chose. We also helped finance young adults to participate in RYLA and RYPEN programs which if approached in the right way, can be life-changing experiences.
For the first time, under the leadership of Community Director Bob Hentschel we were granted a "Bunning’s BBQ site" and this proved to be very lucrative. I think if we continue down this track we need to have our workers rostered on in quarter hour shifts as there was no "down-time".
Once again we participated in fellowship with neighbouring clubs Alexandra and Seymour, and a group of 14 travelled to North Balwyn for a Melbourne Cup night at the home of Ken Maxfields' Rotary Club. We also hosted the Swedish and the New York RFE teams and this resulted in new friendships and lots of camaraderie.
This year’s Art Show hit a snag when our Director Sean Munley was forced to resign due to work commitments. Luckily we had an extremely capable replacement in Carol Hogg and this was able to proceed smoothly and successfully.
Our Youth Exchange program continues to be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction to both the students and their hosts and this year we sent Yasmine Ukosich to Brazil where she has settled very quickly and is sending home glowing reports. In return we welcomed Bruna Oliveira da Rocha who came to us from Diego's club in Brazil. Diego was on Youth Exchange in Yea when John and I were inducted some fifteen years ago and now we are serving our Presidential year together.
Thanks to Elaine's diligence, we have had great coverage in the press and now that has doubled with the introduction of a second newspaper in our area.  Now it is sometimes possible to read in print what were only "thoughts"!
Due to Sergeant Richards' illness, it was necessary to bring in some emergency help during the year and I do have to thank all the club members who stood in and did the job that no-body wants. Quite a few times I had to call on husband John but he seemed to be the only one who minded that. Thank you Richard for what was a difficult year for you and we hope it keeps getting better.
Our bulletin editor Glenda did an outstanding job and sometimes it seemed that the bulletin was being sent before we had unpacked from the meeting.  Thank you also to Photographer Ken who as well as helping with the photos from the meeting, managed to provide a lovely pictorial account of any functions during the year.
Some members had to deal with the loss of close family members and a number have had to deal with serious illnesses. Our thoughts are always with our members at this sad time and this year was particularly traumatic with the loss of Rodney's lovely wife Bev, Val's husband and best friend Ken, and our own intrepid traveller Ruth Konig.  Ruth provided the club with a lot of advice, a lot of laughs at her own expense, and a lot of hard earned funds so that the club was able to celebrate the acceptance of our very own Global Grant to enable Ruth’s project of raising money for an amenities block in an African Orphanage, Dayspring.  This project began in 2010 and the following years saw Ruth walk many hundreds of miles for sponsorship and address dozens of clubs whilst being totally focused on her goal. Her serious illness did not deter her nor advice from the various health officers. With the help of Julie and Glenda working on the grant application for months, the answer Ruth was waiting on came through on the Friday, she celebrated her birthday on the Saturday and passed away peacefully on the Sunday.
Ruth left a gap in our club which will be hard to fill and we were all inspired by her determination and amazing resilience right to the end. Well done thou good and faithful servant.
It has been decided to approach District to set up a memorial in Ruth's memory and this will take the form of an award at Conference each year for the best "humanitarian" project. Yea club are starting this off with $1000 and it is hoped that District will see fit to match this amount so that Ruth can keep on changing people's lives.
During my term it was my pleasure to be able to present my hard working secretary with a Paul Harris Sapphire. My taking on the job of President was wholly dependent on David committing to be Secretary as I knew for sure he would remember everything that I forgot.
It was also my pleasure to be able to present Glenda with a PHF and although she was shocked, everyone else agreed she deserved it. Well done David and Glenda.
One of the lighter moments this year was a surprise birthday party for our oldest member, Doug Zerbe. Doug turned 90 this year and this was another record for the club.  We hope to be able to do the same on his 100th.
We now have two major projects in the pipe line but we will leave those for P.E. John to report on in this space next year.
I congratulate all the team leaders on a fantastic year and truly believe that as a club we have lived up to being a gift to the world.
Lastly I must thank my long suffering husband John. Whilst being a very efficient attendance officer, he is the most loyal and supportive person I could have ever asked for and without those qualities this year could have had a different ending. The pay off for him was being able to sit with his mates and order double sweets whenever he wanted.!!!!
John Bett Year of Office 2016 -2017
Rotary Theme: Rotary Serving Humanity
Secretary: Ian Sichlau
Treasurer: Ian Lynch
Community Service: Bob Hentschel
 Art Show Director: Carol Hogg
It has been my privilege to serve as President of the Rotary Club of Yea in this the 31st year since it was chartered. Having previously held his office in 2002 – 2003, it has been interesting to reflect on how the club has changed over the ensuing years to become such a vibrant and enthusiastic organisation in fellowship and volunteering. This is due largely to the increase and the retention of the current 41 members.
Once again Pattie Sichlau has continued to source interesting and informative guest speakers for our weekly meetings. Sergeant Les supports meeting jocularity by nominating a different Rotarian each week to be fines master.
There are many areas of service that come under Community Service Bob Hentschel’s Directorship, perhaps because this is the largest and most active area within the club, where most of the funds are generated.
The major events are the Annual Art Show, Open Gardens, Molesworth Bazaar and a new initiative  led by Rotarian Jim Osborne – The Garden Expo, which was very well received by the general public in its first year and has the potential to grow and expand in  future years. This initiative is led by an enthusiastic committee.
As President, a  project of mine was to restore the historic Ring of Elms in the southern Yea Wetlands, so that all the community may enjoy the area. It amazed me how the public were unaware of the Ring of Elms existence, because they had become so overgrown. Rotarians were ably assisted by members of the Wetlands Committee, International Rovers (from their jamboree at Mafking and members of the Yea Historical Society in a working bee to restore the Elms to their former glory!
Cycle Dindi, a joint initiative between the Rotary Clubs of Yea and Alexandra, continues to grow and gain support from cyclists, drawing people into the area. Well done to Rotarian Julie Lynch and her committee.
The Club continues to support the Youth Exchange Program and in my year we have said farewell to Bruna, who arrived in February 2016 and departed in January 2017, and we welcomed Viviane (Vivi) de Souza who arrived in February 2017 from.  Both Bruna and Vivi have enjoyed, or are enjoying their stay in Yea and I thank Youth Service Director Ann Drysdale for all her work in organising behind the scenes to make this happen.. It is pleasing to see a number of non-Rotarians hosting our exchange students and I thank those families very much. It seems ironic that when I was last President, our exchange student was Diego Lobo Custodia de Oliveria, also from Brusque in Brazil.
My Directors have all assisted and supported me, with any requests made of them. I do appreciate their involvement and thank them for opening their homes for Board meetings.
Finally, to finish my year of Presidency, my final apothegm of Rotary Serving Humanity:
I challenge you all as Rotarians:-
To do all the good you can.
In every way you can.
To all the people you can.
As long as ever you can
To support President Marj and her team and provide her with much enjoyment and pride for being President of the Rotary Club of Yea.