Terry Hubbard read a testimonial given by workmates of Estter Ostrizkova and the fact that she was originally from Hungary. She commenced work at Flowerdale Estate in 2017.
Ester has gained several qualifications in health and wellbeing and encourages everyone to be the best version of themselves. She is keen to unite and encourage people to come to-gether in a healthy environment and has been a key volunteer in cleaning up roadsides in and around Flowerdale Estate.
Julie wrote
Ester sounds like a great community minded person whose contribution to Flowerdale Estate and the local community was greatly appreciated - she will definitely be missed as she is about to set up her own business in Torquay. Flowerdale Estate’s loss is another communi-ty’s gain!
President Paul congratulated Ester and also Peter and Maria Neville from Flowerdale Estate.
President Paul welcomed all members and recorded an apology from Tony Jacobs.
Correspondence in—Elaine White seeking endorsement for a grant for the Showgrounds to help with fencing.
Rotary Club of Kinglake Ranges asking us to partner in a donation to Australian Rotary Health towards an Indigenous Health Program. Donations will be matched by the government. This will go to the Board.
Correspondence out—Daryl Callander—condolences on the death of his daughter, Lisa.
TREASURER’S REPORT—Russell Hogg not available
PUBLIC IMAGE—Glenda Woods. Will add Pride of Workmanship to website etc and send to papers
VOCATIONAL SERVICE—Julie Lynch. Pleased to see Ester recognised.
Remembrance Day—meeting pending. Help will be needed on the day
Pioneer Reserve— at the hole digging stage and will need a working bee to concrete and place sculp tures
RACV Sustainability Day - deferred. New date to be announced.
Coffee Vouchers - Opportunity to give some light relief to many people struggling at the moment.
Glenda and Di are working on it.
Need to finalise amount to be donated by Rotary. This was discussed tonight and the end result was that $1000 would be donat-ed.
Distribution via Community House and St. Lukes
Carol Hogg to be consulted re past vouchers.
Open Gardens Go ahead at this stage with marketing to regional towns as 60% visitors are Regional. 10 gardens to open at this stage.
President Paul read a report from Tony Jacobs which he had received.
Suicide Awareness Walk—Has been postponed once and may be postponed again.
Art Show Marj Hamilton reported that it will go ahead.
Hall is booked
Artists have been contacted
Julian Brewer has agreed to help with hanging pictures and
donate a painting
Fellowship Night September 30—all wear hats to ZOOM meeting