GUEST SPEAKER—Tom O’Dwyer—Yea Football and Netball Club
Tom described the circumstances the YFNC find themselves in with too few players to cover the Seniors football season
The team has been looking at reasons for this including demographics, the possi-bility of an under 18s team and involving more of the community eg staff at the bank, schools etc.
This season, YFNC will be joining Broadford for the seniors matches.
Lots of questions came from the floor and these highlighted the lack of support from AFL, the fact that gate takings go to paying the umpires and the attitude of the players who are keen to get community footy going again.
Ian Sichlau gave the vote of thanks and acknowledged the huge contribution Tom has made to the community over many years.
3 MINUTER—Penny Paxman
Penny started by asking members to check with themselves and see if they were OK. She then went on to talk about the 6 Core Needs of people as designed by Anthony Robbins and taught to life coaches. Penny emphasised that if all 6 needs are not being taken care of, people lead a very unbalanced life.