The District Governor's Visit
District Governor Malcolm Kerr spoke about the fact that this particular visit to Yea Rotary was the 42nd Club out of 63 clubs that he has visited to date. Malcolm spoke about the differences and customs between some of the clubs visited and was overall impressed by the Yea Rotary Club ticking all the boxes for service, fellowship, integrity, diversity and leadership. He spoke of this year’s theme to ‘Be the Inspiration’ stating that if you can inspire yourself, you can inspire those around you. The upcoming conference—Multi District Conference in mid Feb, was mentioned, offering guest speakers, golf, House of Friendship (4 districts), projects from four different districts in Victoria from which an opportunity to gain further insight into new ideas might be found. It will also be an opportunity to see what Victoria Rotary are doing.
 DG. Malcolm Kerr and wife Jill
3 minuter:  Jim Osborne
Jim spoke about the successes of the recent Garden Expo. The venue being at the Saleyards worked well and Jim pointed out some stats to demonstrate what brought people to the show, some of which were surprising, such as fundraising organisations themselves. The Garden Expo resulted in improved profits and Jim spoke about further tweaks he can foresee for the future. He thanked the many members and organisers that made the event possible.
Photo: Jim (left) at the Garden Expo

"Lift the Lid" night - Wear a hat to support Rotary Health