Guest Speaker: Jo Pride: Topic: Human Trafficking.
Jo Pride works for Hagar Australia. She gave a presentation about ‘Modern Slavery’ and gave some shocking facts and details about how prevalent slavery is in this modern time. There are 15,000 enslaved in our own country. Two thirds of slavery is prevalent in the Asia Pacific region today. She told a story of a lad in Cambodia who was enslaved at the tender age of 12 and finally managed to return home when he was 30 years old.  A ‘Modern Slavery Act’ is desperately needed and currently on the agenda to be debated this month.
As consumers, we need to be mindful of the corporate companies we support, to ensure we do not endorse this suffering.  Hagar aims to provide a safe place for people in this situation, to help bring perpetrators to justice, seek compensation for the victims and seek educational opportunities and job placements. They have a two year follow up program thereafter.
We can help by telling our favourite brands that we care about this issue, by contacting local members and consider ethical consumerism. There is an app that is currently being developed to assist on this front. People can invest through Hagar or other like-organisations. Hagar have helped over 17,000 clients to date.
Induction: Di Welsh was inducted into the Yea Rotary Club. Di has a vocation in nursing. Di will also be a member on the Youth Services Committee.
Di with husband Leo (left)and President Ken
3 minuter: Val Howard
Val talked about her recent travels over 18 weeks spanning 12,500 km. She travelled inland, to hot artesian spas, on to Central West Queensland to Lara Station. Val mostly travelled alone, apart from the company of her dog Charlie, walked many tracks and took part in activities such as; playing Ukulele, line dancing, and rock and roll lessons. Val said it was a great 4 months and she met many people, living the lifestyle along the way.

Julie Lynch: RYLA
Julie introduced both Annette Cavanagh and Julian Laucius, who will be attending RYLA this year. RYLA is a leadership camp, which provides opportunities for networking and building leadership skills. They are both looking forward to expanding their skills to use within the community and improve public speaking. Julian and Annette are both ex Yea High School students. Annette is the President of the Dairy Creek Landcare group and Julian volunteers at the Primary School, High School and  Y-Water Centre. Foodworks, Landcare and Rotary are sponsoring them to attend.
                        Annette                                                            Julian

Yea Primary School Catering Crew