Guest Speaker: Deb Robinson Real Estate Agent
Deb gave some insight into the industry and some of the changes/developments over the years.
Deb grew up in Glen Waverley and attended a Girls Grammar in St Kilda but always loved the country, being a regular visitor to her Uncle’s farm.
Deb began in RE in the 2000’s and worked in Croydon, Ringwood and Monbulk, initially with a sub licence, before moving to Yea and getting her full licence.
Things were slow in Yea 10 years ago with lots of listings and not much movement whereas now it is the opposite. Prices of course have increased a lot, particularly in the last couple of years. Deb was attracted to Yea because of its small country town appeal and hopes that by doing her job, she doesn't change Yea into something else altogether. Like everyone else, Deb loves the community and the feeling of being able to live safely. Now of course, with more people able to work from home, Yea should continue to be a sought after place to live.
Deb was then called on to draw the Art Show Raffle 
Prize Winners
1st Prize—Jan Green—Julian Bruere painting
2nd Prize—John Brick—voucher Royal Mail Hotel
3rd prize—Mother Eden—hamper of local goods
Art Show Director David and Deb drawing winning ticket.
Three Minuter: Julie Lynch
Julie reflected on a little family history (sort of) and held up a copy of The Unicorn—the magazine of Melbourne High School 1938 edition. Her dad attended the school in 1936. There was a Rotary Youth Week and there was an article from a Mr R.F. Sanderson from the Melbourne Rotary Club who addressed the boys. With the Rotary aims mentioned of peace in the world, just think of the challenges these boys faced, who at the time of the article would have been 16—17 yr old and about to go to war.
Yea Wetlands Catering Crew