Guest Speaker: Ian Riseley  Past International President and Rotary Foundation Trustee

Ian asked the question—Where are you going and why? then related it back to the changes that have taken place in Rotary over the years bringing in the introduction the new area of focus—the environment
From there he explained how the first plan to fund environmental projects was pre-sented and how The Rotary Foundation adopted it so that from July 2021 there will be funding for environmental grants.
He believes that funding will
• allow training for incoming governors
• Increase visibility and recognition of Rotary Clubs
• Increase capacity to undertake environmental projects
• Involve all ages and increase membership
However this puts increased pressure on funds available so Ian invited us to take No-vember –Foundation Month and donate to The Rotary Foundation. It is tax deduct-ible
Ian also spoke about donating through the Centurion Club or the Paul Harris Fellowship.
In our club, the best person to talk to is David Anderson who is the District Chair of Fundraising for The Rotary Foundation.
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