Guest Speaker: Bob Glenister

Bob is known to all as he has been a member of the Club and was Art Show Director in 2012. Bob spoke about the background behind the Yea Arts Inc and how it got to where it is now and a little of what the future holds. The forerunner to Yea Arts Inc was the Yea Arts Carnivale which operated for a number of very successful years (2013—2016) running a diverse range of events throughout the District with just a small committee. This was very successful but ultimately, the small committee ran out of steam when exhaustion took over.
Out of this Yea Arts Inc was born and has a committee of six. Its aim is to bring the Arts to regional Victoria and in the process:-
• Support local artists
• Support youth programs
• Allow local groups to raise funds (through catering and such like)
Yea Arts Inc is a member of Regional Arts Victoria and that provides insurance and other support. The first event was in 2017 and by providing subscription tickets, numbers were strong for the initial offerings. The support of the Yea and District Community Bank has been substantial and most welcome. The next event will be at Strath Creek on 29th November—Spring Fling
Bob also spoke of the committee’s desire to support Youth and to this end there will be workshops for Yea PS students this week leading to an evening performance on Weds 18th Sept at the Shire Hall—gold coin entry.
There will also be an event in March 2020— ‘Mental as Anything’ to raise awareness of Mental Health Issues. Free admission will be offered to Yea HS and Yea Football/Netball club. This event will cost $4000 to host and Yea Arts Inc is looking to form partnerships (Bendigo Bank, Yea Hospital Board, RC of Yea) to make it happen.
Bob finished by saying the committee aims to increase tourism to Yea by making Yea a destination with things to do!


Three Minuter: Terry Hubbard
Terry put forward a brief case for those with Rotary jobs not to do a three minuter. (Editors note—It is required less than once a year due to our growing membership!)
Garden Expo: Jim Osborne
Jim updated the Garden Expo planning and it is really all in place. The roster is out and at this stage if you are unable to fill your allocated place, please arrange your own replacement. A reminder to all to wear your Rotary shirt and for those rostered on last shift of the day, it finishes at 3.30pm so that everyone is available to assist with pack up and clean up. On Sat 21st at 3.30pm, their will be a wine and cheese tasting for the vendors (as a kind of thank you) and Rotarians. This is due to the Sponsorship of Sedona Estate and Yea Brand. Interesting aside is that Jim has arranged for a float of $6000 as lots of coin will be needed due to the $7 entry price!
Finally, members are asked to please, in this final week prior to the event, talk it up and spread the word! FB, flyers or whatever, just make sure people know about it. Remember we are aiming to attract more than 2500 through the gate!
3 Minuter TerryChairman Will De Castella
 Visitors Netti Mitchell and Ian Parsons from McLaren Vale A member of the Yea Show Committee Catering Team