Guest Speaker: Tony Jacobs.

Tony spoke about his career and growing up around the Goulburn Valley District for most of his life. Tony bought ‘Whispering Waters’ a property on the Murrindindi River, 30 years ago. He had an extensive career with John Holland Construction company, and spoke of his many career expeditions and projects that he worked on overseas. Tony is also associated with Blue Dragon, a charity organisation that looks after street kids in Vietnam. He spoke of some of the dire situations that some of the children face, and organisations that are trying to assist them. The latest scandal being that some street kids are being forced into China to have babies to be sold.


Kimberley our  Rotary Exchange Student
Kimberley updated the club on some of the events and experiences she has recently been involved in. She spent Christmas in Frankston, went camping for New Year, and discovered that she wasn’t a fan of the camping life, though, preferred a caravan to a swag.
3 minuter: Les Hall.
Les told a historic tale of some cattle drivers, that made it rich, and literally got away with murder in the process.