New Member Induction: Welcome Sue McGovern.
Sue was introduced by Gary Cocks and has been linked under Community Services of Yea Rotary.
Guest Speaker: Kel Perry.
Kel Perry is a Physics and Maths Major, and has been teaching at Yea High School for the past 11 years. Kel gave an interesting talk on an alternate view on climate change. Kel shared many graphs and statistics that challenge current viewpoints, on the speeding up of climate change, and give people further information to think about these issues.
Patty Sichlau  3 minute speaker
Patty read out an email from Peter Thompson, a philosopher, who is currently in residential care. It was an insightful email about the benefits and pitfalls of being in residential care, that presents with many options, and sometimes hard realities.
Guest Speaker Kel                                                       Golf Club Caterers