Congratulations Ken Maxfield
President Sue informed the club that Rotarian PP Ken Maxfield was recently named Rotarian of the Year for District 9800, in recognition of Ken’s work for Camp Getaway, a holiday camp for children with special needs.
Congratulations Ken—a wonderful achievement!!
Guest Speaker: Mother Eden Nichols my role as a volunteer Police Chaplin.
Mother Eden began by saying that by wearing the Police vest she had on and her police lanyard, she could gain entry into any Police Station in Australia.  Her role is voluntary and covers the Benalla Police Service Area, which includes nine Police Stations— Yea, Alexandra, Eildon, Marysville, Benalla, Marysville, Jamieson, Mt Buller and Woods Point.  Mother Eden undergoes training and PD annually and holds a license. There are two paid Police Chaplins in the State and the rest are all voluntary and Mother Eden thanked her two parishes for their understanding and willingness to allow her to continue to be a Police Chaplin. Her tasks are many and varied and as she is also on call at any hour of the day or night. Responding to critical incidents is a priority and then providing counselling and support to police during and after the incident, as well as supporting victims and their families and other support service members.
Mother Eden said she is there for anyone in the wilderness time whether from stress, trauma, illness or grief and her role includes being any or all of the following:-  an ear to bash; a shoulder to cry on; a safe place to vent regardless of the nature of the topic. All conversations are confidential. Mother Eden may be called on to assist with weddings, funerals and christenings, and hospital visits - almost anything really.
Mother Eden was thanked by good friend Glenn Milliken for enlightening the club to the extensive roles of a Police Chaplin.
Three Minuter: Russell Hogg
Russell chose to try and explain the concept of the number one billion (and he did it pretty well!). It boiled down to the idea  that if Rodney was to count money at the rate of $1 a second, it would take him 31.7 years to reach one billion dollars! I think we all got the concept that it is a rather large number!!
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