President Ken's penultimate meeting - Pie Night
The penultimate meeting for President Ken is all about Pie, Pies and more Pies! We had lamb, beef and chicken pies and lemon meringue pies for our evening meal and then Bobbie Dewar had an excellent array of pies to purchase if you were prepared to dip into your pocket for the privilege! Beef and ale, Rabbit, Venison, Chicken, Goat curry, Lamb marsala and pasties were the choices. After an entertaining auction led by Ando, complete with phone bids from Terry, the pies were all sold for the grand total of $924. What a fantastic outcome for both members and the club. Thanks Bobbie for such a generous gesture and all members for being prepared to buy!
Les Hall and President Ken
Auctioneer David in action                                      Bobby and some of his pies  
Bobby and Tippy with the pies                        Bobby, Terry and David
Mike and Bob  
Attendance officers (new) Ann and (old) Will