Guest Speaker: PDG  & D9790 Foundation Chair Richard Luke
Richard commenced with a quick summary of the current polio situation—16 wild  polio cases recorded in Pakistan and 72 in Afghanistan. Rotary’s goal is to raise $50 million  this year which will be matched with $100 million by Bill and Melinda Gates. Richard stated that Rotarians can raise the desired $50 million and through a number of scenarios he challenged us to consider how to publicise the End Polio program, how to convince non Rotarians to contribute financially and explain why it is a problem that needs eradicating.
Richard provided an example of a polio patient  in Australia experiencing post polio syndrome and resultant difficulties accessing support via the NDIS — suggesting this may be an opportunity for clubs to assist polio sufferers in our own communities.
After a number of questions Richard and Lorna were thanked by Foundation Chair David Anderson. David emphasized that Rotary International  ‘Will never give up’ its Global Polio Eradication initiative. Over the past 30 years, the incidence of polio has been reduced by 99.9%  and we will end polio forever only if we remain steadfast and vigilant.
Certificate of Appreciation
Pres. Sue called on AG Elizabeth to make a presentation of a Certificate of Appreciation from End Polio thanking the club for contributing over $1,500 US to the End Polio Campaign in 2018/19 (one of 13 such clubs in D9790).  Certificate accepted by PDG and Foundation Chair David Anderson.
3 Minuter Laurie Frogley
Laurie recounted a ‘Day from hell’  during a recent holiday to the US and Canada when a series of flight delays, long waits on the tarmac, cancelled  flights and confusion over the cruise ship departure point in Vancouver caused great anxiety.  Laurie and Viv eventually  arrived at the quay  in Vancouver with 10 minutes to spare but watched the ship depart without them! They  then flew to Ketchikan in the US and joined their cruise.
Sgt. ValPresident Sue
The Catering Team