Guest Speaker Kelly Wilsmore Optometrist - OPTAIR EYECARE
Chairman Bob Dewar introduced Kelly Wilsmore who has a property at Glenburn and has been living here with her family for about 7 years.  Kelly has been working out of Seymour during that time and in March 2020 had her first appointments in Yea.  Kelly took us through the biology of an eye and what is involved in an eye exam.  She had lots of stories to tell including being called out on Christ-mas morning to get an object out of a patient’s eye.  ‘I love doing those’, she said.
There was information about a couple of common eye complaints including Dry Eye and Cataracts. Would you believe that the aver-age age for cataracts is 82!
Kelly also told us about her new machine which was very costly but allows her to see a much wider scan of the eye and pick up problems which might be otherwise missed.
Questions flowed from the floor and Terry Hubbard was asked to give a vote of thanks.
Terry made the point that Kelly was the first guest speaker for ages and she’d given us an informative update on her work while entertaining us all at the same time.
Rodney set up the microphone for the Australia Day festivities and it got wet so is not working at the
He used his voice and Carol tried using a substitute.
Sgt. Glenn in action                          
Kelly was accompanied by Monica O’Malley—Your New Dentist
—also based at 7 The Semi Circle , Yea.
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