Guest Speaker: Ronnie Victor from the Australian Rail Track Corporation.
As Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) we’re proud to be a vital part of the transport supply chain and the economic development of Australia. Across five states we manage and maintain an 8,500km rail network.
Ronnie spoke specifically about the project to upgrade the rail line between Melbourne and Brisbane (over 1700 Km) to take freight, specifically double height container freight.
The challenges are many, not least of which is increasing the height of the many bridges involved. The final depot in Melbourne is at Tottenham, not too far from the Port of Melbourne, but still involving many trucks for the final journey of the freight.
The project, due for completion in 2025, is designed with several aspects in mind these being a) to reduce transit time from 48 hrs to under 24 hrs, b) to improve safety by removing long haul trucks from the Hume Highway and c) to deliver economic benefits by saving costs.
Ronnie spoke about how there is much community consultation with towns on route to minimise impacts and help solve current issues of concern.
Paul Kellett thanked Ronnie for a most interesting talk that generated a number of questions.
Three Minuter: Gary Cocks.
The "I’ve worked everywhere man!" Gary, in just over three minutes, gave a potted history of a very diverse employment record. What job hasn't he done? Here are just a few! Milk delivery, paper delivery, mobile green grocer, stable hand, apprentice panel beater, sideshow attendant at Melbourne Show, wool scouring, car wrecking yard, in a pub, selling insurance, real estate, in the salt mines, a valuer, at Elders, own business managing property trusts and I have probably left some out!