The fifth Thursday - A social evening.
President Sue welcomed everyone—members, partners and the family of Rotary, with over 50 in attendance for Bobby’s $7 meal challenge with proceeds going to Foundation. 
John Sinclair unfortunately suffered a mishap when guiding a semi trailer to a ramp on the farm. He was too slow to remove his hand and as a result his thumb was crushed. John was operated on at St Vincent’s Private and is now recovering with his thumb and hand heavily bandaged and his arm in a sling. John has been ordered to rest for the next month!
                                  Chef Bobby
Tony Jacobs:
 Tony spoke at length on an application currently before the Murrindindi Shire Council. The application for 707 Murrindindi Road (Balaclava) proposes the development of a 46 room hotel with an onsite restaurant and bar for patrons. Tony listed a number of areas that he believes have not being addressed by the application and provided comments on the unreasonable impacts such a development would have on the amenity of the area including traffic, water, power, noise  and visual impact. Tony did not see any economic benefit whatsoever flowing to the community.  Comments and objections to the application can be made to the Shire up to Dec. 4th.
Cooking Team
Serving Team
Enjoying the fellowship
Tippy won the coin toss-although Rotary Australian Rotary  Health  was also the winner with $126 raised.