Club Assembly
President Sue spoke about RYLA, after her and Di Welsh had attended a Taste of RYLA a few weeks ago. RYLA is Rotary Youth Leadership Awards and is a week long camp for 18—30 age bracket. Yea has sent lots of attendees over the years and all have come back singing its praises from having a very positive experience. Past RYLA attendees become RYLArians and if able, assist with the running of the next years camp. Sue told a story of a young woman who resisted attending for a number of years, only to finally succumb and then has gone on to become not only a Rotarian, but a Club President and now an Assistant Governor.
Sue finished by quoting her three RYLArian, children, having asked them to provide her with a one sentence quote.
Jess— "I gained relationships that are strong and positive 12 years on."
Ben— "I gained an understanding of my potential as an individual."
Nicola— "Happiness Mum—I’ve got myself together!"
Keep an eye out in the community for potential attendees this year.
Youth Services: Sandra Hanley
Sandra has Louis with her, but he is spending a week with Will. Three short term exchange students are the area, and club is sponsoring Rhys Hargraves (to Finland) and Kinglake Ranges are sponsoring Nerita.
Community Service: Bobbie Dewar
Request from Jane to use the Club’s Art Show Screens for the Seymour Agricultural Show. All Ok and Terry will liaise with Jane to make it happen. Garden Expo catering under control. We will fulfil a promise to create some bench seats for the Great Vic Rail Trail. Terry to coordinate and will need helpers soon.
Rodney Ridd— Senior’s Christmas Dinner
Seniors citizens Christmas dinner is locked in for Friday December 6th at the Shire Hall.  Rodney circulated a list for members to check on and update. Ann to recompile list into excel format as easier to update. Rodney needs two club members to take over the catering responsibilities for the night from Bobbie Dewar and Sandra Hanley. All members please think about it over the next week or so and let Rodders know please.
Garden Expo—Jim Osborne
Jim reported that it is all falling into place. Site, security, marquees booked and now 60 definite vendors, with most having paid their site fees. Homewood and Murrindindi CFA’s are doing parking. Rotary BBQ under control. Have secured sponsorship from Yea Cheese factory and Sedona Wines and they will providing a wine and cheese tasting for vendors and blue shirts Sat afternoon at close of the day. Billboard starts up next weekend, flyer distribution all good and radio interviews have started. Jim is doing roster this weekend, so please look at roster sent with this bulletin and let him know ASAP if you are not available.
SPARE flyers need to be brought back Thursday and given to Woodsy please.
Open Gardens—Glen Milliken
Glen said it is all under control. Lost a garden but have gained a garden so still 10 on the roster and will be 6 country (all North of Yea) and 4 in town, including Beaufort Manor which will have sculptures too.
Acting Secretary CarolGlen - Open Garden
Sacred Heart Catering Crew