Guest Speaker: Grace McDonald. Year 11 student from Yea High School.
Grace had the opportunity to attend Rotary in Adventures Citizenship program, Grace spent a week in Canberra with a family that hosted her. She thanked Rotary for the opportunity that enabled her to make new friends, gain knowledge and create valued memories. Some of the experiences she reflected upon were her visits to the War Memorial, the Budget Speech, tours of the new and old parliament, bush-dancing and the budget reply, (which she particularly enjoyed). She became intrigued in politics and shared this fun fact: The flag at Parliament House is the size of a double decker bus.
Grace McDonald  - Rotary Adventure in Citizenship Delegate
(Article for Yea Chronicle)
Yea HS Year 11 student Grace McDonald recently visited the Rotary Club of Yea and spoke of her experiences as a delegate to Canberra as part of the Adventure in Citizenship program. This week long Rotary sponsored program immerses the students (all Year 11 from around Australia) behind the scenes in Canberra and helps them prepare for full participation as citizens of Australia.  Grace said ‘My trip to Canberra provided by Yea Rotary can be summed up best in these 3 words: insightful, amazing and an experience. In the week that I was there I had the opportunity to meet new people, experience things I never thought I could and learn a billion and one new different things each day’. Grace was hosted by a Rotary family in Canberra who were ‘beautifully hearted people who warmly welcomed me to their home, for which I am most grateful’.
Grace’s week was ‘the most jam packed week of my life. 101 different things to do each day, from viewing the Budget /reply speech, visiting the War Memorial and participating in the Last Post, Telstra tower, talking to the speaker of the House of Representatives, talking to senators and going on a number of formal tours of Parliament House (both old and new)’.  Grace and the other delegates also participated in mock debates and drafted a Bill about a proposal to introduce a sugar tax in which the students’ role played various interest groups - Grace found this exercise most insightful into parliamentary processes. 
Grace thanked the club for the wonderful opportunity to attend RAIC and then confidently answered many questions from the members.
3 Minuter: Ann Drysdale.
Ann spoke about an epic walk that she embarked upon with family in the SE Peninsula of Tasmania: The Three Capes Walk. A four day walk over 48km, staying in Eco lodge accommodation along the way. Ann talked of the many highlights and challenges that the walk encapsulated, and was thankful for her family’s refusal to take no for an answer. Ann had never done backpacking before, and certainly put her knees to the test on day 4 of the walk. An amazing effort overall by Ann, very inspiring.
Kimberley - Our Exchange Student
Kimberley Gave a brief account of her experience in the Reef to Rock tour attending by inbound exchange students of District 9790. Kimberley will give a more formal presentation in a few weeks. It was one of the largest groups that have attended, consisting of 37 exchange students. Kimberley took a short helicopter flight over Uluru, though the winds were very strong, limiting the flight. She particularly enjoyed the waterfalls in Cairns. The flies were not one of her favourite experiences and she enjoyed a short show at the Opera House.
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Ian and Charles chatting
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